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Optical/TEL composite cable

  • Optical/TEL composite cable


Indoor floor wiring


  • Indoor optical/metal (TEL) composite cable for FTTH.
  • Zipcord type optical and metal (telephone) structure allows for easy installation work.
  • Operating temperature: -20~ +60℃.
  • Passes the JIS C 3005 60° inclination test (OFNR) for ability to retard flame.

Section Drawing

Section Drawing


Code HYB-n-E-FR S1-50+0.4×2P
Optical cable portion No. of fibers 1・2
Fiber diameter 0.25mm
Allowable tensile strength less than 150 N
Allowable bending radius more than 15mm
Tel cable portion No. of pairs 2
Conductor ø0.4mm soft copper wire
(ø0.66mm PE sheath)
Composite cable Sheath diameter App. 3.0mm×App. 6.5mm
Weight App. 22kg/km
Flame-retardant characteristics JIS C 3005 inclination

Product Indication

- E-FR
+ 0.4×2P
(1)  :Cable code
(2)  : No. of fibers
(3)  : Sheath (flame-retardant PE sheath)
(4)  : Type of optical fiber (SM ø0.25UV wire)
(5)  :Conductor size and number of pairs (0.4×2P: 0.4mm× 2pair)

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