WBC coupler

  • WBC coupler


Branching within base stations, within measuring instruments


  • Low wavelength dependency (1310nm/1550nm) makes it possible to set a stable split ratio.

Specifications (values for coupler body)

Product code WBC
Grade Standard (S)
Port 1×2
Operating wavelength 1310nm and 1550nm
Split ratio Please refer to below list
Insertion loss ≦3.6dB
Directivity ≧50dB
PDL ≦0.3dB
Package size 0.25UV ≦ø3.0×61mm
2.0cord 10(W)×10(H)×105(L)mm

Type of fiber: 0.25UV=U, 0.9tube=T, 2.0cord=2

Specifications(values for coupler body)

- 131/155
- 1×2
- 3dB
- U
(1)  :Product code
(2)  :Wavelength
(3)  : Port
(4)  : Split ratio
(5)  : Type of fiber

Split Ratio

50:50:00 3dB
60:40:00 4dB
70:30:00 5dB
80:20:00 7dB
90:10:00 10dB
95:05:00 13dB
99:01:00 20dB

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