PLC Splitter

  • PLC Splitter


Optical signal splitting for FTTH, CATV etc., optical coupler units etc.


  • High precision fiber array and high precision splicing result in low loss.
  • High reliability (Telcordia compliant).

Specifications(values for PLC Splitter body)

Product code SP
Port 1×8 1×16 1×32
Operating wavelength 1310±50nm/1550±50nm
Insertion loss ≦11.0dB ≦14.3dB ≦17.9dB
PDL ≦0.3dB ≦0.3dB ≦0.4dB
Return loss ≧50dB
Package size 4×4×40mm 7×4×46.9mm

Product Indication

- 1×N
(1)  : Product code
(2)  : Port

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