President’s Message

Be Innovative in Value Creation

Sumitomo Electric Optifrontier Co., Ltd. has been inaugurated as the result of the merger between Toyokuni Electric Cable Co., Ltd. and Sumiden High Precision Co., Ltd. The former had mainly manufactured various types of optical cables, optical couplers, and optical splitter modules, and the latter had manufactured optical connectors, optical stubs/receptacles, precision processing parts, and tools for network construction. We have inherited the FTTH products and technologies that the two companies had been nurturing, and will strengthen the partnership with the information-related business units of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Based on this new and solid business foundation, we will achieve high performance in “SEQCDD”*, the basics for manufacturers, also aiming at more active participation in the global markets, and will provide attractive, high-quality products and services for FTTH markets, which are expected to grow and expand globally.

We will strive to enhance customer satisfaction, as one of the core companies, designing and manufacturing lightwave network products, of the Sumitomo Electronic Group.

President Suetsugu Yoshiyuki

We at the Sumitomo Electric Group continue to promote reinforcement of the “S-E-Q-C-D-D(safety, environment, quality, cost, delivery and development)” aspects of our operations as all-participatory campaigns, aiming to turn tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.
[Cited from a webpage of Sumitomo Electric Industries: see the link below]

Management Principle

We will explore the frontiers of the lightwave network product industry and will tackle new value creation with all our energies, making the most of our technologies and kno-hows that we had been nurturing.
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