Certifications and Standards

Sumitomo Electric Optifrontier Co., Ltd. assures the product quality, as well as the environmental-friendly manufacturing activities. We have obtained the Quality Management System certification (ISO 9001) and the Environmental Management System certification (ISO 14001), International Standards, and make the most of them as measures for continual improvement and as an effective device.

ISO9001 Certification

  • Yokohama Works・Saitama Works・Shonan and Suwa Works: JQA-1135

ISO14001 Certification

  • Yokohama Works: JQA-EM0328
  • Saitama Works: JQA-EM0699
  • Shonan and Suwa Works: JQA-EM0782

NQAS Certification

  • Yokohama Works: 96-1003
  • Saitama Works: 96-1027
  • Shonan and Suwa Works: 97-1020

List of Standards

Standard Certification Number Year Subject of Certification Remarks
UL E74241 1980 Electric wiring and cables for machinery AWM
1999 Optical ribbon cords and optical/FEP pipes
2000 Optical/ETFE pipes
2000 Optical fibers
E100030 1986 Connectorized cables and other processed products Wire harnesses
E154491 1996 Optical Fiber Cables OFNR
1998 Optical fibers OFN
1999 Optical/ETFE/FEP pipes
2000 Optical/ETFE pipes
2002 Optical fiber cables (cord type) OFCR
2006 Optical fiber cables (cord type) OFC、OFCR
2007 Halogen-free optical fiber cables (cord type) OFCR
2008 Halogen-free optical fiber cables (ribbon type) OFC
2008 Halogen-free optical ribbon cords OFCR
2009 Low smoke optical fiber cables (cord type) OFC-LS
2010 Low smoke high-strength optical fiber cables (cord type) OFC-LS
CSA LL63491 and others 1986 UL1007, 1015、1431 and others TR-64、TEW、REW
LL65889 1987 Interface cables, Flat cables and others AWM
1996 Optical Fiber Cables OFN FT4
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