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Ties through light

Ties from people to people and from past to future are established through light.
In our cloud society that has been realized by high-speed and large-capacity networks,
people among us are always working on optical products as a basis for this society.

Starting with the Sumitomo spirit passed on for 400 years to create value
that will exceed expectations and become future standards,
we become a strong team and create high-quality products through hard work.

With an eye toward the future, we work to be first in our industry.
We work to establish ties with our customers who are looking to the same future and all the people
whom we encounter using the light.

We trailblaze the cutting edge of the information and
communication society with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

We play a core role in the information and communication business in Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Taking advantage of world-leading R&D capability that only global corporations have and our sales strength,
we have developed epoch-making products that bring new values into the market.
We are working to continue to be a leading company that is a great strength for our next-generation information and communication society.

  • Product development
    to meet global
    customers' needs
  • Technology development capability
    continuing to create
    the world's first
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing
    of the highest-quality products
SEQCDD* supporting business foundation
The Sumitomo spirit
萬事入精 Banji-nissei / 信用確実 Shinyo-kakujitsu / 不趨浮利 Fusu-furi

SEQCDD stands for Safety, Environment, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Development, which is a policy considered and followed by Sumitomo Electric Group.

Sumitomo Electric Group (under group management) * Values announced by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (fiscal term ended in March 2022)

  • Sales
    3,367.9 billion yen (operating profit: 122.2 billion yen)
  • Companies under group management
    415 in total (in 40 countries all over the world)
    Breakdown: 107 companies in Japan and 309 companies around the world
  • Employees
    Approximately 280 thousand all over the world
    Breakdown: 85 percent of our employees are international
  • Business Segments
    • Environment and Energy
    • Automotive
    • Electronics
    • Industrial Materials
    Sumitomo Electric Optifrontier Co., Ltd.

    We are globally developing our business as a manufacturer of information and communication products such as optical cables, optical connectors and fusion splicers in cooperation with the Infocommunications Business Unit of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. We continue to support society with our integrated production system from the development and design of optical fiber cable products that connect between data centers or communication stations and users through manufacturing and delivering them.

The innovative technology development is created from the comprehensive capabilities of Sumitomo Electric Group.
We have worked on R&D at the forefront of the development of information and communication technology and released innovative products since Toyokuni Electric Cable Co. Ltd., our predecessor, started producing optical cables in the 1980s. Our mission is value creation solving challenges in the information and communication industry. We utilize the comprehensive capabilities of the Sumitomo Electric Group, considering customer expectations and changes in the industry and the environment surrounding the market.
Products resulting from pursuing the highest quality connect the world at high speeds with large capacity.
Sumitomo Electric Optifrontier Co., Ltd. provides a wide selection of light-related products. The expertise concerning each product including optical fiber cables, optical connectors, fusion splicers, and closures owned by each company of Sumitomo Electric Group has been focused on product development. We integrate the strength of each company, develop products with the highest quality and contribute to creating a high-speed large-capacity network to connect the world.
Our integrated production from design through delivery offers one-stop service to satisfy orders from all over the world.
After our specialists in each section design products and develop prototypes, we discuss with our customers many times and proceed to create proposals to meet demanding needs all over the world with the best quality. We use domestic and international production bases to meet customer needs and deliver products. The integrated production with all processes exclusively controlled responds to customer expectations and the demands of the day, providing one-stop service.
Flow from product design to delivery
Needs analysis→Design→Prototype development→Proposal→Production→Delivery→Follow-up service→Needs analysis

Working to continue to be a leader in the information and
communication field

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