We SEOF are the bridge between people and optical fiber in the world.
Products Lineup
Products Lineup
Cable & Cord
A wide variety of optical cables and cords from SEOF can satisfy customers’ various needs promptly and flexibly.
Optical Connector
SEOF offers various product lines and our efficient production enables quick delivery.
Optical Module
With engineering expertise which has been acquired for more than 30 years since the start of fiber optic communication, we’re ready to assist in providing solution for customers who wish to use optical fiber.
Based upon the technologies that have played an important role in Japan’s public network construction for 70 years, we continue to be committed to making the best production by introducing advanced shop-floor production (monozukuri) technologies in Suwa factory.
Precision component
With 70 years of experience in machining process technology which has been developed in Suwa factory, we aim to add ultraprecision machining technology for optical communication system and drive new market opportunities.
Bird Defense Line/Holder
We have developed bird-trouble prevention products with the Wakayama Div, NTT West Corp., Kansai, Japan.
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