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”Tough-light” Cords (high-strength optical cord)/”Tough-light” Cables (high-strength cord type cable)

10G NM LAP Eco

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Optical fiber cord, resists lateral pressure and hard to break

This cord resists being held or caught in doors, and the fiber structure is unlikely to break. Even if the cord is held or caught in a door, it will return to the original state and can be used as it is.

Selectable 12 cord colors

Standard color SM: yellow, GI: blue or yellow green
If you would like to use the cord with a color other than the above, please contact a salesperson for your account.


  • Resists lateral pressure
    Strong for hanging and being caught in doors.

    Twice as strong as the conventional product.

  • Simply storable
    Easy handling and wiring.

    Standable allowable bending radius R15. Also compatible with R7.5mm.

  • Bend resistant
    Kink-free, bending marks almost always disappear.
  • Applicable for various connectors.
  • Environmentally-friendly, halogen free, and flame-retardant.
  • Applicable to cord cables too.
  • Applicable to nonmetallic tension members.

If you would like nonmetallic tension members, the allowable tensile strength and bending radius may differ. If you do, contact us.

The strength of “Tough-light” cord (high-strength optical cord)

  • Cable tie (9kg)
    Usable with tightening
  • Bending
    Usable after release
  • Knot
    Usable after release

The above is not guaranteed as terms of use. The life of a fiber may fall below by the permissible bend diameter though the fiber is difficult to break.

Lateral pressure resistance

Conventional optical fiber cord deforms when lateral pressure is applied. Pressure is thus applied to the optical fiber core wire through its jacket and optical loss increases. However, using small diameter bending fiber and a special material in the high-strength optical cord has enabled the increased loss caused by lateral pressure to be less than half compared with conventional cord.

Selectable cord color

A wide variety of cord colors are available as well as standard colors. Twelve colors in total are available.

Some colors may not be available; please contact a salesperson in charge of your account.

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“Tough-light” cord/duplex cord (high-strength optical cord)

Code TEC2.0 TED2.0
Optical fiber type SM, GI (50/125)
No. of fibers (fibers) 1 2
Diameter of optical fiber (mm) 0.9
Sheath diameter (mm) 2.0 2.0×4.0
Weight (kg/km) 3.5 7.0
Allowable tensile strength (less than N) 80 160
Allowable bending radius (more than mm) SM: 15, 7.5*, GI: 15
Flame-retardant characteristics JIS C 3005 inclination

Smaller bending radius than R7.5 mm shall be consulted.

“Tough-light” cable (high-strength cord type cable)

Code TEC2.0-n-E-FR
Optical fiber type SM, GI (50/125)
No. of fibers (fibers) 2 4 6 8 12 16 24
Cord diameter (mm) 2.0
Sheath diameter (mm) 6.5 7.5 9.0 10.0 13.0 16.0 15.0
Weight (kg/km) 45 55 65 85 140 215 160
Allowable tensile strength (less than N) 480 460 660
Allowable bending radius (more than mm) 65 75 90 100 130 160 150
Flame-retardant characteristics JIS C 3005 inclination

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