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“Tough-light” Cables (movable cable type)


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Internal wiring in industrial equipment (moving part), wiring between devices


  • The cord features the “Tough-light” cord specification, in other words, it does not kink, is unlikely to break, and is unlikely to have bending inclination.
  • The cord jacket is made from flame-retardant PVC approved by UL AWM (VW1).
  • The tension member features aramid yarn nonmetallic specifications, enabling the cable to be more flexible, lighter, excellent in movability and suitable for curves and U-shapes.

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Code TELC-n-V-VW1
Optical fiber type SM, GI (50/125)
No. of fibers (fibers) 2 4 6
Cord diameter (mm) 2.0
Sheath diameter (mm) 6.5 7.5 8.5
Weight (kg/km) 35 45 60
Allowable tensile strength (less than N) 800 900 600
Allowable bending radius (more than mm) 65 75 85
Flame-retardant characteristics UL VW1

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