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Waterproof Optical Connector (Waterproof WB Series)

This water-proof optical connector is protection class IP67, meaning that standard optical connector can be used in places such as outdoor and dusty environments.
The connection part has excellent water-proof properties; connection and removal can be easily conducted outside the housing.
Inspection is also easy to conduct; therefore inspection does not interfere with assembling parts or changing parts in the housing, making it also easy to handle.


  • A standard optical connector and a standard optical adapter are embedded in the plug and receptacle with a water-proof structure.
  • A standard optical connector is used in the receptacle; thus replacement work is simple if there is an internal connector failure.
  • The plug in which a standard optical connector is embedded can be attached and detached with a single motion because of the receptacle (standard optical adapter embedded) mounted on the housing in advance and the bayonet lock structure.
  • All products comply with RoHS.

List of waterproof optical connectors

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Models Connector
Plugs Receptacles Adapters Materials Remarks
SC connector WB1.SC WB1.SCR - Zinc
  • Standard
    «Waterproof (IP67)»
  • Housings and Receptacles:
    O-ring inside receptacle ring (fixed with screw)
  • Receptacle and plug:
    Packing inside plug (bayonet matching)
  • Outdoor optical cable and plug:
    Cable packing of plug (thread connection of edge nut)
LC connector WB1.LC WB1.LCR WB1.LCA
LC connector WB2.LC WB2.LCR(W) -
  • Small diameter
    «Waterproof (IP67)»
    → Same as above


When these products are connected to devices

Mount the receptacle on the housing and connect between the standard optical connector inside the device and the waterproof optical connector plug.

When the cable is extended

Connect the waterproof optical connectors with each other via adapters.

Optical characteristics of waterproof optical connectors

Waterproof connector type Polishing method Insertion loss Return loss
WB1.SC/WB1.LC SPC 0.5 dB or less 40 dB or more
WB2.LC SPC 0.5 dB or less 40 dB or more

Optical cable equipped with water-proof connector and specifications

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Structure No. of fibers A-end connector
B-end connector
Optical fiber
Cord diameter (mm) Cable
jacket color
jacket color
Cable structure Connector part specification number
1 2 With one end With both ends
Round type WB1.SC WB1.SC SM (PAPB) 1.7 Black Yellow NMC 1.7 type
(non-metallic type)
CAS1538174 CAS1538175
Single-fiber connector
WB1.LC WB1.LC CAS1538176 CAS1538177
Single-fiber connector
WB2.LC WB2.LC MCFR 1.7 type
(Metallic/flame-retardant type)
CAS1538180 CAS1538181
Single-fiber connector

Applicable cables

waterproof optical
connector plug
Applicable No. of fibers 1-, 2-fiber
Strength member materials FRP
Diameter of optical fiber (mm) 0.9
Cord diameter (mm) 1.7
Cable standard diameter (mm) 7.0
Standard weight (kg/km) 35
Allowable tensile strength (N) 110
Allowable bending radius (mm) 100
Compressive strength (N/100 mm) 980
waterproof optical
connector plug
Applicable No. of fibers 2 fiber
WB2.LC Strength member materials Steel wire
Diameter of optical fiber (mm) 0.9
Cord diameter (mm) 1.7
Cable standard diameter (mm) 8.5
Standard weight (kg/km) 70
Allowable tensile strength (N) 460
Allowable bending radius (mm) 85
Compressive strength (N/100 mm) 980
Flame-retardant JIS C 3521

Receptacles and adapters

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Receptacles Hole size for mounting housing Adapters
(for WB1.SC)
(for WB1.LC)
(for WB2.LC)

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